Football Sunday

We are well into football season and I am thinking about tailgates. Though I am not much of a spectator sports fan, I would love to spend an afternoon eating delicious, warming food, sipping a glass of wine, and watching a football game. Truth be told, I could probably skip the game and be happy! But either way, before the chill of winter sets in I am going to spend as much time outdoors as possible. And tailgating is much more fun than raking leaves.


Ready for the Tailgate Party!

Most of the parties I attend have a few coolers of beer and maybe a bottle or two of wine. But if your tailgate is this well stocked, you will be set for drinks. Then you just have to figure out what to eat. I took a poll of my nearest and dearest to see what is favored and it seems to be anything meaty and grilled. My son and his college buddies go for chili nachos, sandwiches and chips, while the adults wanted grilled sausages, ribs and steak. I am partial to bowls of chili and sliders. Since you are standing and eating, I think food that can be devoured in two bites is perfect.  If you are ambitious, you can bring along a grill or a small fire pit for cooking and for hand warming. I have just designed a little portable Fancy Fire Pit, so whether you do tailgates or beach parties, they are perfect!

Happy Fall! Joy


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