Winter Green

I am off to New England Grows trade show this week at the Boston Convention Center. I will be working hard to sell Fancy Fire Pits, and I will also be enjoying all the green and growing things around me.

Getting ready for NE Grows!

Getting ready for NE Grows!

This will be my second time at this particular trade show and I am really looking forward to it. ┬áIt is fun to meet new people and talk about my product and it is great to see what others in the landscape and garden design industry are doing, plus I love to brag about the amazing work that the team from is doing to make my garden look fantastic. There are always interesting new products and new, though sometimes odd, colors of plants. Last year’s odd color was a bright, nearly turquoise orchid. It looked great massed together in the display but it was a little bright for me and I have not actually seen it for sale anywhere so maybe it didn’t go over well.

If I was a four-year-old boy, this would be heaven on earth, filled with lots of giant trucks and earth moving machines. As a much (much!) older woman, I will appreciate all of the wonderful plants and trees instead. In any case, as I sit here willing myself to go for a run in 17 degree wind chill weather, I will enjoy being indoors surrounded by green things and dreaming of spring!

Stay warm, Joy

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