Cookies and Milk

The Oreo cookie turns 100 today. Oreos were originally created to be served as a dessert, maybe two or three cookies fanned out on a plate. That must have been in our country’s thin days. I know plenty of adults and children who think nothing of polishing off a stack of 6 or more as a snack.  Historians are unclear where the notion came of dunking them in milk. If you eat a pile of oreos with a glass of skim milk, is that a healthy snack??

Milk and ....

I have come across several recipes for homemade oreos and I am dying to try them. Of course, my honey and I would be the only ones in the house eating them since my children seem to be partial to the packaged version of cookies. If I have a bag of cookies, really, any kind, from the store, they plow  through them in no time. If I make a tin of oatmeal raisin cookies, they could sit around for a week and there would still be some left. I suppose that is a good thing since it saves me from doing much baking, lord knows the adults in my house do not need any cookies in their lives.

I like Oreos as much as the next girl but my true love is brownies, the denser the better. When I was first working for a food writer, I met a lovely older woman from the south who had a fabulous recipe for brownies she called Foggies. They were essentially flour less brownies, rich and divine. For my first foray as an entrepreneur, I replaced the little bit of flour in the recipe with ground walnuts and began selling them as Red Barn Brownies. Alas, I have lost the recipe and can’t seem to reproduce it but I still dream about those brownies. I am off to the kitchen to make a batch. They won’t be exactly the same but they will still be buttery, darkly chocolate and delicious. My plan is to make some espresso  and enjoy a brownie while sifting through gardening catalogs. It is bitterly cold outside, one of the truly cold days this winter.  I am going to enjoy my treat and look out at my fire pit and garden while fantasizing about Spring.

Happy Milk and Cookies!


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