Think Green!

Green is the newest color. Unfortunately, I cannot wear green clothes (they don’t look great with my olive complexion) but I do love green foods and I especially love the “green” movement afoot everywhere.

Is it easy being green?

When the air gets warmer and the grass turns green, I am going to sit by my Fire Pit, eat a crunchy green salad and drink green tea. Or maybe I will drink a   green smoothie, made with either spirulina powder or fresh spinach.  Doesn’t that sound virtuous and healthy? I would certainly forgo the health cocktail for something more adult, but I haven’t found anything that appeals. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I have come across some perfectly awful sounding concoctions made with creme de menthe or melon liquor.

All drinks aside, this time of year, I love to make a shredded salad with crunchy and slightly bitter greens, dressed with a mustardy vinaigrette. Rifling through my crisper, I came up with napa cabbage, endive, romaine lettuce and arugula. I might add a splash of red radicchio. For me, this is dinner, eaten with bread and unsalted butter and, sorry Kermit, red wine!

As for making my life more “green”, I have tried not driving as much but that is not working well. I do bring my bags to the grocery store and use a travel cup for my water instead of plastic bottles. And I recycle my scrap paper…does that count?? My honey rode his bike to work yesterday- 20 miles each way! it was very “green” of him but today his bum hurts and he can’t walk very well.  As Kermit says, it’s not easy being green!

Add light to your life, Joy

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