Heart Fire

Heat up your Valentine’s Day

Heat up your Valentine’s Day with a delicious drink by the fire and an even better meal. For me, cooking is an expression of love. You can see how much I love my honey by the belly on him! Poor thing, now he has to diet and all I want to do is bake.

For drinking, I am craving a big, juicy Australian Shiraz. To eat with that, my first choice would be Pasta with Bolognese. But since my honey has sworn off red meat (?!) for now, at least, I am going to have to come up with something else. I could make bolognese with ground turkey, but it just doesn’t have the same meaty succulence. I have been making a lot of vegetable soups but somehow it does not seem like the best choice for “Valentine’s Day”. Even if I followed it with a rich dessert, beans and vegetables are not particularly sexy!  I read today that scallops are the new oysters so I am planning on making seared scallops with leek and herb risotto, made with lots of leeks, chives, parsley and a little tarragon. Even the teenager will be happy with that!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Add LIght to your LIfe, Joy

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