It’s Never Easy…

On a walk with a friend this past weekend, I was complaining about the problems I was having with my fire pits. His reponse was, “It’s never easy” and he is right. I have three fire pits in my driveway which I have been spraying every day to create a nice, rusty patina. In the midst of all this spritzing and babying of the fire pits we had a storm. I figured all that rain would be great to speed things along. What I didn’t count on was the leaves that would blow into the pit and create leaf-shaped black marks all over them. In truth, it is interesting looking, but it is not what I was going for.

The Falling Leaves Fire Pit!

Thus, I found myself on Sunday morning scrubbing fire pits for an hour with steel wool and a steel brush trying to get rid of the marks. I was successful with the brush, for the most part. And the leaf marks that remain give the fire pits a very natural autumnal appeal (I hope!).

When you start a business there are so many little, and not so little, details that you never consider. Or at least I never considered. Scrubbing carbon steel with a metal brush was not something I thought I would be doing for work. Other jobs have been equally unexpected, but useful, such as becoming more computer literate and learning how to blog! I would like to say that I have learned how to keep my own books and accountings as well,  but that would be completely false. It is important to know which jobs are just not in your skill set.  And it is fun to learn how to do things that you never gave much, if any, thought to, but which you enjoy. I never thought of myself as much of a designer, but I am designing fire pits and having alot of fun doing it. Time will tell how good I really am but that is another story. And for now, I am on an hourly schedule to water down those pesky fire pits and help them along in their rusty patina, so I am off to do my job, whatever it is!

Happy sunny fall days ( and rainy ones too!) Joy

Weathering Fire Pits in my Driveway

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