Partying around the Fire Pit

It feels a bit unseemly to be talking about parties when so many people up and down the Northeast are suffering real hardship and are worrying about when the power will come back on and how to stay warm. My son is on his way home this morning from PA where his school has been closed until Monday. I am so happy to have him home, even under these difficult circumstances and I can’t wait to do some serious cooking!  The food he loves is hearty and warming and works as well to fill a young man’s belly as to feed a crowd at a late fall party around the fire pit. We are lucky enough to have both lights and heat here in MA so I can turn my attention to getting a fire going outdoors in my fire pit and cooking up some delicious beef stew. Now that it is finally getting cold, cooking stews and soups is so satisfying. I love to serve Bouef Bourgignon on my best china at a fancy dinner party, but it is equally great served over noodles in large pottery bowls while sitting around a blazing fire.  Start your outdoor party with pizza topped with caramelized onions and gorgonzola cut into small wedges, and finish with a bowl of warm gingered pear crisp topped with vanilla ice cream. You will not win any awards for the best low calorie meal, but you will surely have some very happy guests!  Happy Weekend! Joy

Fun with friends around their Fancy Fire Pit!

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