Summer Fun

This is going to be the summer of the popsicle. I know, you are thinking “what??”. It is a big statement to make. I mean, they do require major cooking skills and equipment, not! Last summer I tried to make alot of popsicles. I found delicious recipes and made a few kinds. I even perfected a dairy free fudgesicle. But I did not have the best popsicle maker and the little plastic sticks that came with it kept disappearing. So for this summer I invested in a simpler gadget that uses old-fashioned wooden sticks and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. With this week’s little heat wave, they will be the perfect treat.

Mango-Peach Ice Cream with Strawberry

These are fruity and healthy but you can make them adult with the addition of a little rum or vodka. I saw a recipe for a mango yogurt pop that looked creamy and yummy and is healthy too!  For lazy summer afternoons, they are the perfect food- easy to make, easier to eat and no clean-up required! Once my nifty new pop maker arrives, I will start testing up the recipes.

Stay tuned, Joy


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