I have recently come across this word, upcycle, and had to look it up to be sure I knew exactly what it meant. I talk about Fancy Fire Pits as being made with recycled or re-purposed steel but what they really are is upcycled. Upcycle is the opposite of downcycle, a relatively new word which describes the way materials which are recycled are often made into products of lesser quality and usefulness. Many products that are recycled are actually downcycled.  In contrast, what we do here at Fancy Fire Pits is upcycle.  We take old, out of commission propane tanks, cut off the heads and make them into something new, useful and valuable in a completely different way.

Wine bottles upcycled into a house!

I have been doing some research on upcycling and found this great house made of old wine bottles. Not only is the house really cool, it would be alot of fun to empty all of those wine bottles!  I can just imagine a Fancy Fire Pit in the garden, it is the perfect accessory.  I have a friend making Adirondack chairs with the wood from an old roller coaster that would be another fabulous green addition.  Then we can light a fire and work on emptying another wine bottle for the house.  Who knew upcycling would be good for the environment and fun too!

Here is to green living. Joy

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