It is still cold and wintery outside and many of my firends have escaped recently for warmer climates. I will try not to be too jealous of their lovely bronze skin while I sport the pasty mid winter glow.  I am not going to be getting anywhere warm for awhile so I will have to make do with blasting the heat at home and sipping tropical cocktails. Once I checked the calorie count of said cocktails, I was grateful to not have to sip it in a bathing suit, but I digress. My staycation will be a brief affair lasting just an evening, or maybe a day. I am planning to peruse the web in search of flowers for my garden and start thinking about spring.

My Fantasy Garden

I love a fantasy garden, especially a cottage garden which alwasy looks to me like controlled chaos. In my fantasy, the path would lead to a Fancy Fire Pit instead of a rose covered arch. Everything is possible, no plants too expensive to buy and all is installed by some willing and hardworking helpers. None of this is the case but it is a fantasy after all. My reality is more like just plain chaos and alot of weeds but at this time of the year I am hopeful and determined.

I will enjoy my fruity drink with a little umbrella, pick something beautiful for my garden and then wait for spring.

Think Spring! Joy

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