What I Did This Summer

It was a very busy summer for me, what with my teenagers home and my little business to run. Alas, the blogging fell by the wayside, but I’m back! While I was busy keeping an eye on the teens- truly, it is as bad as having babies, no sleep and you have to watch them every minute lest they hurt themselves- I made a few great custom fire pits. I have not been able to see this particular fire pit with a fire in it. I guess I will have to make up some snacks ¬†and mosey on over to my customer’s house for an evening by the fire. Do you think they will mind if I bring the camera?

Shells and Seahorses make a cool fire pit for the beach

And while I wasn’t looking, summer became fall. I do love the heat so I am sad about the cooler days but not about the cooler nights. It is better for sleeping and perfect for building fires! Although we use our fire pit nearly every night in the summer, there are some days, particularly this past scorching July and August, when a fire just wasn’t the thing. So here is to September and October- bring on the chill!

Happy Fall, Joy

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