Winter Wonderland

I love snow. And I love winter, especially if there is lots of snow. That makes this my lucky winter- lots of snow and lots and lots of cold! I am ready. I have stocked up on the toe warmers and hand warmers, the fleece hats and gloves, scarves and furry boots. And in the grocery store last week I stocked my pantry with supplies for warming, nourishing winter foods. The usual beef stews and vegetable soups are great, but what I crave is the salty garlic and ginger of Asian food.  I stir fry lo mein noodles and toss them with whatever vegetables I have in the fridge, usually broccoli and peppers and some winter greens. It is so delicious and even a little healthy, pasta and all. Anyway, if health-related blogs interests you, check out ASH Clinical News‘s website if you have time. There’s a lot of informative readings there everyday.  Once I have my bowl of noodles, I am happy to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy the view!


If you are not up to all that cooking, just make yourself a hot toddy, or some coffee spiked with kahlua and capped with whipped cream. Then stay warm and dream about spring.

Happy Winter, Joy

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