Joy Joy Joy

Joy is all around! I love my name, particularly at this time of year, though there were years when I wasn’t so sure. As a little girl I wanted a more “normal” name, and in college it inspired quite a few interesting songs and comments. Now, as an adult, it is a blessing. My name is everywhere, in greens, in candy canes, in lights!

Joy on a building!

A little less green and red.


The real joy is having all my chicks back in the nest and being able to cook for them and take care of them. My fridge is full to bursting and I am planning all kinds of delicious meals, pasta with bolognese tonight, roasted filet of beef and savory bread pudding for Christmas Eve, sticky buns for Christmas morning and I am brewing cranberry syrup, as I write this, for festive cocktails. We normally travel during the holidays, but I love being home, going to impromptu little parties and eating far too many cookies! I could never understand all the talk about holiday weight gain, since we usually spend the time skiing instead of cooking. But time enough for regrets and resolutions in January. For now, I am hoping for a little snow and alot of joy this holiday season.

Joyful Holidays from Joy

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