Fire and Wood

I am having tree work done in my yard and it occurs to me as I stare out at the piles of wood that I know exactly what I am going to do with all this wood. I am going to burn it in my Fancy Fire Pit!  Granted, it will probably take me years to plow through all this wood but I will dutifully arrange it in a very tall stack and start burning.

Ready for burning in the Fire Pit!

We are having quite a draught where I live so it would not be particularly responsible to have a fire in my fire pit anytime soon but as soon as we get some rain, I am good to go.  My crabapple tree is about to burst into bloom and I would love to sit outside in the evening ( finally staying light later- yay!) and enjoy a pink cocktail to go with the pink blooms on my tree. Cosmo anyone??

Cheers, Joy

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