Pink and Green

As the Sargent Crabapple blooms outside my window, I am thinking pink and green. The buds start out hot pink and open to a beautiful pale pink. It is my favorite tree in the garden and when it blooms, I know spring is really here. It also signals the arrival of my birthday, an event I look forward to with childlike pleasure. Although, as the years march on, not so much!

I love pink and green!

Pink and green has gotten somewhat of a  bad rap, in my opinion. It brings up images of preppy, bright Lilly prints which are fun and cute on little children but can be a bit too pink and green. What I do love is my pink and green tree and the hot pink azaleas that bloom at the same time in my yard. I also adore lipstick pink peonies. I actually chose the color for my bridesmaid dresses, much to their dismay! I got married an eon ago and it really was quite beautiful with the girls in their pink dresses and the bouquets full of peonies,  rubrum lilies and roses. Lately, I have returned to my love of pink. I have been wearing it often and it is the color of my favorite cocktail- the Cosmo!

In the pink spirit, I am going to mix up a pitcher of cosmos, light a fire in my Fancy Fire Pit and invite over a few friends to help me drink them and celebrate Spring.

Happy Pink and Green, Joy

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