Moonlit Night

 Fancy Fire Pit | Firepit I was driving home two days ago at about 6 pm and caught a glimpse of the huge orange moon rising over the harbor. I drove into my neighbor’s driveway to get a good look and could have sat there gazing for ages, it was just so magnificent.  unfortunately, I had my teenage daughter in the car and she was less impressed and wanted to get home to do her homework (at least that is what she said- she could have been video chatting all night for all I know!).  The whole experience (minus the teenager) made me feel so blessed and then I started thinking about how to spend more time outdoors enjoying the moonlight and what snacks I could make that would be orange. I am a little ADD so bear with me here. It seems that we take these small miracles of life for granted and sometimes I just want to stop, pause and take it all in. Truth be told, I don’t do this any more than the next person but I would like to and I guess that is a start. So where to go from here? I have recently designed a fabulous starry fire pit, which I have called Stella, and with the warm winter we are having, was able to light a fire in it.

Fancy Fire Pit | Stella FirepitWhat to make to snack on while I enjoy my new creation? I am still in the New Year, New Me mode so I thought mini turkey burgers with monterey jack cheese and salsa would be good. If you roast some sweet potato fries in the oven to serve with them, you have a delicious and healthy little meal. In the orange theme, a friend suggested orange jello shots, which would certainly make it a party! I was thinking more along the lines of spicy hot cocoa spiked with a little cinnamon and cayenne but the choice is yours. Enjoy this little break from winter before the snow flies!

Add Light to your Life, Joy

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